#10- Idiot-proofing your fleet: Avoiding the 10 dumbest mistakes you can make managing your fleet fuel expenses

May 23, 2011

Today, for the 10th dumbest mistake a fleet fuel manager can make, we are talking about change. Please embrace it, because it is always just around the corner.


10. Fearing Change

The Problem- Resistance to change in company structure or policy can be jarring for fleet managers.

The Solution- A fleet card creates such a flexible system for managing your fuel expenses that changes are easy to accept and adapt to.  No matter what happens in your daily operations, your fuel management system will continue to serve as the foundation for your fueling without needing a lot of restructuring or retraining. 

With the support and power of a fleet card backing your business up, there’s nothing your fleet can’t accomplish.  It’s easy to make dumb mistakes along the road, but you only need to make one smart choice: a fleet card from FleetCards USA.