#3- Idiot-proofing your fleet: Avoiding the 10 dumbest mistakes you can make managing your fleet fuel expenses

May 12, 2011


In today's installment, we are discussing

3. Determining What to Outsource

The Problem- The perception that managers who outsource a majority of fleet tasks outsource themselves out of a job.

The Solution- You don’t have to be Superman. With a fleet card, you actually eliminate the need to outsource most everything, including yourself. In fact, it’s like adding a fleet manager who specializes in in-sourcing perks. A fleet card controls fuel expenses, schedules and tracks maintenance, and comes with 24/7 driver assistance, windshield repair, and certified technicians to keep business moving along. And as the one responsible for all those new in-house efficiencies, heck, you might even get a promotion


Photo courtesy of DC Comics and re-used under the Creative Commons license.