#7- Idiot-proofing your fleet: Avoiding the 10 dumbest mistakes you can make managing your fleet fuel expenses

May 18, 2011


Today’s post of the 10 dumbest mistakes fleet fuel managers can make, is about selecting the right fleet card for your company.


7. Going for the "Single Selection"

The Problem- Fleet managers should avoid buying fleet vehicles from a single manufacturer.  Doing so causes problems in case of a recall, and limits the drivers’ choice of vehicles to use.

The Solution- Okay, so we can’t really help you on the whole vehicle purchasing thing.  But if choice is something you’re looking for in your fleet operations, you’re in luck.  A fleet card provides options for every level of your fuel purchasing from how much fuel your drivers can buy at any given time to several levels of customization on reports.  You may not be getting a new car with it, but with all the money you save you can probably afford some sweet new rides next year.