Bill Signed for School Bus Safety

Apr 14, 2011


When most people look at fleet safety, commercial fleets are the main concern, but public sector fleets need to pay attention to safety just as much as anyone else.  This week, a new law has been created to help with school bus safety.

A bill that increases penalties for passing a stopped school bus, among other changes, was signed into law on Monday by Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour.

The legislation was named for Nathan Key, a 5-year-old who was killed in December 2009 when a vehicle illegally passed his school bus as he was unloading.

Under the new law, fines for stop-arm running will range from $350 to $750 for a first offense and $750 to $1,500 for a second or subsequent offense, which will also result in a driver's license suspension of 90 days.

Nathan's Law makes several other changes related to school bus safety, including clarifying the offense of passing a stopped school bus and authorizing cameras on stop arms. It also requires that every driver's license examination ensures "adequate knowledge on the part of the applicant as to school bus safety requirements," according to the text of the legislation.

A similar bill died in the 2010 legislative session. The new bill was introduced in January.

[via School Bus Fleet]

Photo courtesy of Heather and re-used under the Creative Commons license.