Do You Know What Your Drivers are Really Doing?

Aug 27, 2010


Many fleet managers deal with drivers remotely because they manage nationally dispersed fleets. Most never meet the majority of their drivers. My question is: Do you really know who is driving your company-provided vehicles? Often the "at-work" persona of an employee is not the true indicator of their behavior when no one is watching. Recently, someone forwarded me a link to a chat room for pharmaceutical reps. I did a search of posts that included the phrase "company car" and, in short order, I was shocked at some of the comments written about their use of company cars and how drivers play "the system" to their advantage.

Here is a suggestion from one pharma rep on how to avoid personal use charges while vacationing:

".... (Before you go on vacation), you need to take the company car into the dealership to repair a 'weird noise and vibration on the right front part of the car' the afternoon of the day before you leave. Since your car is in the dealership, you'll need a rental vehicle. You will have to go and get a rental from Enterprise. The Enterprise guys all want to be pharma reps, so take down all their personal info to pass on. Then, ask if you can get upgraded to a luxury or SUV. Free car for a week, no mileage reporting, and free gas. Have done it for years."

I don't know about you, but I was floored when I read this post. This scam never occurred to me, but I can see how it could easily slip through the cracks and not be detected by the fleet manager. This scam could be thwarted by working with HR to check whether car rentals coincide with the start of vacations.

But it doesn't stop there... read the full article here.

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Photo courtesy of Mike Renlund and re-used under the Creative Commons license.