Driver Appreciation Week is Well Deserved

Sep 23, 2013

Here at FleetCardsUSA we stress the important decisions that fleet managers need to make in order to prevent costly mistakes for the whole business. These necessities range from stressing efficient driving to keep fuel costs down to ensuring that fleet drivers are healthyand safe throughout their tenure.  Unfortunately, the backbone of the industry – the drivers themselves – is swept to the side as replaceable and uncouth. With the third week of September halfway through, it is important to note that we are in the midst of Driver Appreciation Week.

Consistently delivering around 68% of the U.S. freight tonnage year after year, truck drivers are not only the backbone of the shipping industry but the country as well. These tireless operators haul the necessary wares that keep your life organized, your car running, and your stomach full. In addition to the payload consistently tagging behind the Tractor to keep shelves stocked, aggressive updates in regulations by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration have allowed safe, defensive drivers to rise to the top of this thankless career.  By logging nearly 400 billion miles annually and looking out for fellow man, these highly skilled fleet operators are facilitating a safer transportation environment for those of us that merely utilize the highway infrastructure weaving across America as a commute medium.


Fleet management needs to continue this upward trend of higher regard for drivers by effectively communicating to individual operators and fleet teams on the topics of safety, fuel efficiency, productivity and satisfaction of the driver. Through transferring the focus of the fleet from goals to the people responsible for goal completion, managers can effectively increase productivity and employee retention. This can be accomplished through provision of proactive insight on responsibilities as well as allowing a back-and-forth line of communication so that operators can provide feedback on their satisfaction with, and desires from the company.

These drivers have long hours away from loved ones, in unhealthy environments so that the rest of the country can survive on the goods being delivered. As summer comes to a close this weekend, if you find yourself at a rest stop, take a moment to thank the individuals that enable many of us to live in a consistent, happy lifestyle.