Deep Roots Landscape on Managing Business Expenses

by FleetCardsUSA

In 2010, John Baxter founded Deep Roots Landscape, LLC in Gainesville, GA, soon after graduating from college. And in the nearly decade since, he’s grown his company from buying its very first truck to having a thriving 11-vehicle fleet. Enabled by using fleet fuel cards to meet their customer demand, Deep Roots Landscape has since grown from 12 residential customers to a balanced mix of both residential and commercial clients all across North Georgia.

Check out the videos to learn more about how the Deep Roots landscape team took control of their fleet expenses and grew their business with confidence.


Building the Business

“I knew that we’d need some credit to be able to buy our first truck, but I also knew that we’d need a credit card to catch all the other expenses as far as supplies and fuel…. Having credit is a crucial part of a growing business.”


– John Baxter, Founder and President, Deep Roots Landscape



Scaling the Business

“As our company grew, we hired more people and bought more trucks, and it became a lot more difficult to manage expenses. So, when he heard about the fleet card, we jumped on it pretty quickly to help us track each vehicle, each piece of equipment, and streamline accounting… In our first few years of growth, we were just going about it blindly. But now we have the data to project where we’ll be in the future.”


– Ben Filchak, Vice President, Deep Roots Landscape

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