10 Cold, Hard Facts about Gasoline Fleet Cards

When your business relies on company vehicles to get the job done, it adds a layer of complexity to everything you do.

Gasoline fleet cards are a cost-effective and versatile tool that can create company-wide savings while helping to drive efficiency and growth.

Below, we’ll explore some facts to consider before choosing the right gas card for your business.

But first things first…

What is a gasoline fleet card and why should I care?
A gas card works as a fleet payment solution to control your company’s fuel and maintenance purchases on company or employee vehicles. Once you’ve chosen a card, your company will buy fuel and pay for repairs from a qualified network.

Gasoline cards for fleets offer more control and greater security at the pump.
Many gas fleet cards provide 24/7 fraud protection. Your company will get real-time notifications for each transaction to help identify and eliminate unauthorized employee transactions.

Gas cards provide fuel options that can fit fleets of any size.
FleetCardsUSA® offers an industry-leading selection of cards that are accepted across a range of fuel brands. Choose a fueling network or select a card that offers more universal acceptance. Each card also offers varying payment options and terms.

Now, let’s look at some of the facts behind how fuel cards work and how they can help you deliver on your business goals.


FACT: Gasoline fleet cards can help boost savings and efficiency.

Gas cards can enable your company to:

  • Save up to 15% on fuel costs1
  • Lower maintenance expenses
  • Reduce time spent reconciling expenses
  • Protect against fraud and misuse
  • Devote more time to core job functions
FACT: Gasoline fleet cards can help ANY business that uses vehicles.

As a trusted expert in the industry, FleetCardsUSA serves customers across all sectors:

  • Retail
  • Small businesses
  • Transportation
  • Government organizations
  • Agriculture
  • Construction
  • Real estate
  • Independent contractors
  • Large public corporations
FACT: Fleets of all sizes can benefit from a gas fleet card.

Don’t get hung up on the word fleet. If your small business uses vehicles, then using fleet cards for fuel can help you save on gas and maintenance.

FACT: Gasoline cards help keep you in control of your fuel expenses.

Set rules and limits on fuel spend across an entire fleet. You choose when, where, what, and how much fuel your employees can buy.

  • Manage employee profiles and turn cards on/off
  • Enjoy discounted rates on fuel from preferred vendors
  • Get simplified fuel reports with product-level data
  • Limit purchases to fuel only
  • Get analytics and tools to help manage fuel spend
  • Set limits on daily or weekly fuel purchases
FACT: Gas cards offer robust security and 24/7 fraud protection.

Protect your bottom line. Instead of handling reimbursements via stacks of receipts, you’ll get user-friendly reports on each driver profile. Gasoline fleet cards also enable you to:

  • Receive real-time alerts about questionable fuel purchases
  • Limit the number of purchases an employee can make in a day or week
  • Track fuel expenses by individual employee or vehicle
  • Receive fraud loss coverage up to 25k a year*
FACT: You can save up to 15% on fuel expenses and more.1

We mentioned it up top, but it’s worth repeating. Gas cards can create big savings.

FACT: Gas cards can help reduce your fleet’s maintenance expenses.
  • With a gasoline fleet card, you can:
  • Enjoy easier access to preferred maintenance providers
  • Get centralized maintenance tracking and payments*
  • Receive up to a 20% discount on maintenance*
  • Use maintenance tracking to anticipate repairs and identify underperforming vehicles
  • Extend the life of your fleet vehicles
FACT: Enjoy company-wide savings, boost fleet efficiency, and help grow your business.

Gas fleet cards save time and money across an organization. In addition to saving on fuel and maintenance, you can:

  • Outsource fraud protection and devote more time on core job functions
  • Spend less time searching for cheaper gas
  • Streamline reimbursements on gasoline purchases
  • Enjoy improved access to preferred maintenance providers
  • Identify underperforming vehicles with ease
  • Devote more time to core job functions
FACT: FleetCardsUSA can help you find the gas fleet card that’s right for you.

FleetCardsUSA is owned by FLEETCOR, the largest global fleet card provider. We offer gasoline fleet cards for every type of business.

FACT: We mean it when we say, “Find the right fuel card in five minutes or less.”

Answer three questions and you’re on your way to finding your perfect match.

*Varies by card-selected cards and packages only. See Feature Package Benefits and Rules for complete details at

  1. Brown, Chris. “Fuel Cards Can Save You Money.” Business Fleet, 1 Nov. 2007, Accessed 15 Jan 2022.

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