Accuracy Counts – Top Fleet Compliance Regulations

by FleetCardsUSA

Running a business is tough. Even tougher? Staying compliant with state and federal regulations surrounding business vehicle and fleet operations that impact your company.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and many other federal regulatory entities issue regulations that fleet operators must follow. In addition to detailed federal regulations, organizations must also comply with an array of state regulations. These regulations add a layer of complexity that can make fleet compliance difficult, painful and costly.

Larger companies can afford to hire staff designated to managing fleet compliance. But as a small- to medium-sized business, you may not have this luxury. Often, the task of navigating and complying with regulations is left to an owner or an employee who doesn’t specialize in the regulatory field. And trying to keep up with regulatory changes and compliance on your own can be difficult.

To help you get a handle on business vehicle and fleet compliance, read on for four of the top categories of U.S. federal motor carrier regulations.

1. Vehicle maintenance

A compliant fleet starts with safe, road-worthy vehicles that receive required maintenance at regular intervals. Complying with federal regulations around vehicles requires:

2. Fleet driver hiring and drug testing

A key component of compliance is hiring the right drivers. You need to ensure that they’re both fit to do the job and have the proper training, licensing and certification. There are numerous federal regulations that apply to fleet drivers. Complying with federal regulations around drivers requires:

3. Fleet driver licensing and certification

It’s crucial to make sure fleet drivers are properly licensed and certified. Complying with federal driver licensing and certification regulations requires:

4. Safety and reducing risks

Following safety and risk-reduction practices helps ensure the security of your drivers and the public, as well as the continued success and stability of your business. Complying with federal safety and risk reduction regulations requires:

Complying with federal regulations can be a grind. But use this overview of regulatory requirements as a reminder of some of the key federal standards your business must follow, and you’ll be better able to stay on top of it all. The time and effort you spend to ensure compliance is crucial to keep your business in the right lane on the highway to success. 

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