Fleet Horror Stories: NYC Salt Truck

Aug 24, 2011


Missing a delivery or unexpectedly running out of gas is an unfortunate occurrence that could put a damper on a driver’s day. But at least you’re not this New York City Sanitation worker, who accidentally drove his salt truck through the 3rd-story concrete wall of a repair garage this week.

The driver, who was not intoxicated in any way, mistakenly stepped on the gas pedal of his vehicle and lost control, sending the truck plowing through the concrete and leaving it dangling 3 stories up, showering the parking lot below with debris.

The driver, 56-year-old Robert Legall, was rescued by firefighters and treated at a nearby hospital for neck and back pain. Legall has a clean 10-year driving record, making this incident nothing more than a freak accident.

As you can clearly see today, the simplest jobs can sometimes go wrong. That’s why it is important to keep your drivers well-trained and up to date on safety regulations and policies, and encourage concentration on the job. You wouldn’t want to end up with a hole in your building and your employees dangling 3 stories in the air!

Picture via FDNY Twitter Account.