Fleet Managers: Stay In Control Of Your Fleet

Mar 18, 2013

Fleet operations depend on proficient guidance from fleet management as much as vehicles depend on fuel. Yet fleet managers must balance many challenging responsibilities, such as overseeing maintenance, financing and telematics details for vehicles, as well as monitoring fleet driver performance, safety conditions and fuel usage. The most successful fleet managers, therefore, are those who keep all of these tasks skillfully under their control.


Fleet managers can employ one of the most powerful fleet service tools available for managing fuel costs and controlling budgets: the fleet fuel card.

Fleet fuel cards are designed to give fleet managers control over spending through carefully engineered features. For example, fleet managers can restrict the types of purchases cardholders make, and regulate the day of week and time of day fleet cards can be used. They can even take control of critical situations remotely with the ability to stop the flow of fuel at the pump in real-time!

Yes, Fuelman customers have actually stopped fuel at the pump to prevent drivers from accidentally adding unleaded gas into a diesel-powered vehicle. Fleet managers can avoid this type of simple mistake, which can cost companies thousands of dollars to fix, and ensure vehicles stay active on the road by being alerted before the mistake occurs.

With fuel prices in constant fluctuation, fleet managers frequently feel the pinch of economic turbulence. They know how critical it is to make every dollar count. Fleet fuel cards help to budget and track every dollar spent on fleet fuel and fleet maintenance, and allow fleet managers to control and monitor spending – even in real-time.

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