Fleet Safety Tip: Air Bags

Sep 01, 2010


Here’s another fleet Safety Tip of the Week from the folks over at Automotive Fleet… this week is all about staying safe around your vehicle’s air bag:

An air bag needs about 10 inches of space to inflate. Ride at least 10 inches (measured from the center of the steering wheel to your breastbone) from the air bag cover, if you can do this while maintaining full control of the vehicle. If you cannot safely sit 10 inches away from the air bag, contact your vehicle dealer or manufacturer for advice about additional ways of moving back from your air bag. 

Passengers should also sit at least 10 inches away from the passenger-side air bag. 

Sitting too close to the air bag in your vehicle could result in serious injury if the bag deploys in a collision.  The forces generated by air bag deployment are strong enough to cause trauma when impacting the body.

Photo courtesy of Adam Bartlett and re-used under the Creative Commons license.