Fleet Safety Tip- Black Ice

Jan 12, 2011

Hello again everybody, it’s time for another Fleet Safety Tip of the Week from Automotive Fleet! With winter fast approaching, it’s time to make sure your fleet is protected against hazardous road conditions that arise when the temperature drops.  Here is some advice on how to handle black ice on the roadway:

You may want to pass this tip along to your fleet drivers as a friendly reminder…

Black ice is a thin layer of transparent ice that forms when the temperature is close to freezing. Black ice often makes the road surface look slightly wet like a water puddle, making it dangerously deceptive. Shaded spots, bridges, overpasses and intersections are areas where ice is likely to form first or be the most slippery. Hazardous icy road conditions can sneak up on you, so when the temperature gets close to freezing (below 40°F) watch out for these clues:

-Ice building up on your outside mirrors, antenna, or the top corners of your windshield.

-Water spray from tires of vehicles in front of you suddenly stopping indicates an ice patch.

-Roadside trees and signs have a frosting of ice even though the road surface only looks wet.


Keep these rules in mind and keep your drivers safe through the winter months.  If you have any other tips for handling icy roads, leave a comment and let us know!

Photo courtesy of Simon Doggett and re-used under the Creative Commons license.