Fleet Safety Tip: Tire Blowout

Jan 21, 2011


Happy Friday!  It’s time for another Fleet Safety Tip of the Week from Automotive Fleet.  This week is all about tire blowouts, which is important for any fleet that does a lot of highway or long-haul driving:

This week's advice, taken from the Wisconsin Department of Transportation's Motorists' Handbook, concerns what actions a driver should take right after a tire blowout. You may want to pass this along to your fleet drivers as a friendly reminder. 

If a tire suddenly goes flat: 

-Tightly hold the steering wheel and keep the vehicle going straight.

-Gradually slow down. Take your foot off the gas pedal but don't apply the brakes until the vehicle has almost stopped.

-Do not stop on the road if at all possible. Pull off the road in a safe place.

Photo courtesy of greeblie and re-used under the Creative Commons license.