Fleet Safety Tip- Vehicle Spacing

May 03, 2011


This week's Automotive Fleet safety tip addresses how drivers can maintain a safety "space cushion" on each side of their vehicle to decrease the likelihood of a collision.

-Do not stay in another driver's blind spot. The other driver may not see your vehicle and could change lanes and hit you.

-Avoid driving directly alongside other vehicles on multilane streets with or without traffic in the opposite direction. Another driver might crowd your lane or change lanes without looking and crash into you. Drive either ahead of or behind the other vehicle.

-If possible and when safe, make room for vehicles entering freeways even though you have the right-of-way.

-At freeway exits, do not drive alongside other cars. A driver may decide to exit suddenly or swerve back onto the freeway.

-Keep a space between yourself and parked cars. Someone may step out from between them. A vehicle door may open or a vehicle may pull out suddenly.

-Be careful when driving near motorcyclists or bicyclists. Always leave plenty of room between your vehicle and any motorcyclists or bicyclists. 

 [via Automotive Fleet]

 Photo courtesy of Michael Gil and re-used under the Creative Commons license.