Fleet Survey- February 2011

Feb 23, 2011

It’s important to us to stay current with the needs of today’s fleets, so today we’d like to take a moment to get some feedback from you about the issues facing your fleet.  Please take a moment to leave the answers to any of these questions in the comments below.


1. How many vehicles are in your fleet?

2. What sort of business do you do?

3. What steps have you taken to mitigate the effects of the recent economic downturn?

4. Are you concerned with the rising cost of fuel?

5. Have you found any solutions that have had good results for your business?

6. What is the biggest financial issue that you worry about for your fleet operations?

7. How do you pay for fuel currently?

8. Have you ever used a fleet fuel management solution or fleet card?


With your feedback, we hope to be able to provide some answers that are relevant to your specific needs.