Fleets Taking Notice of CNG Vehicles

Apr 05, 2011


Commercial fleet managers are finding more reasons to switch from conventional gasoline to compressed natural gas, Ford officials said from Michigan.

A Connecticut company, Consider Metro Taxi, saying it was acting in part because of the rising price of gasoline, which topped $4 per gallon in some U.S. markets, announced that it was taking delivery of 20 CNG vehicles.

Rod Phillips, Ford's commercial manager for the New England area, said rising gasoline prices and the move toward a greener economy made CNG an attractive alternative fuel source.

"Fleet managers are adding all the reasons up and concluding that it makes sense to switch to CNG now more than ever," he said in a statement.

Ford said CNG usage results in fewer greenhouse gas emissions. The U.S. Department of Energy noted the price per gallon of CNG peaked in 2008 at $2.34 and was now around $1.93.

The Michigan automotive company added that Washington was providing $300 million in incentives to fund CNG projects and increase the number of fuel stations across the United States.

[via UPI]

Photo courtesy of Darin McClure and re-used under the Creative Commons license.