Ford Introduces Talk-To-Text System

Oct 17, 2011


A while back, we looked at Ford’s new inflatable rear seat belt technology designed to reduce injury to passengers during accidents. Now that technology has received the prestigious Popular Mechanics’ Breakthrough Product Award.

"Ford's goal is to develop innovative safety technologies that give our customers more peace of mind, so it is a great honor to receive the Breakthrough Technology Award," said Srini Sundararajan, safety technical leader for Ford Research and Innovation. "I thank Popular Mechanics for recognizing the contributions of a number of dedicated engineers from Ford."

The advanced restraint system is designed to help reduce head, neck and chest injuries for rear seat passengers, often children and older passengers who can be more vulnerable to such injuries. Ford introduced the inflatable rear seat belts in the 2011 Explorer, which already has a lot of positive feedback for its safety and driver-assist technologies.

Ford plans to roll out inflatable seat belt technology in more vehicles in the coming years.

Photo courtesy of JD Hancock and re-used under the Creative Commons license.