Ford Introduces Talk-To-Text System

Oct 24, 2011

Ford Introduces Talk-To-Text System

It looks like all of that integrated text-eliminating technology we were talking about a few days back is coming along sooner than you may think! Ford is set to begin installing a feature that reads text messages out loud to reduce distraction due to reading them while driving:

The feature, which will be installed in new vehicles and some older models, is part of Ford's voice-activated technology, Sync, and is already installed on all model 2012 Ford vehicles with the exception of the Ranger.

The system syncs with smartphones via a Bluetooth connection and alerts users when they receive text messages, reads them out loud and allows users to respond with a selection of standard pre-written messages without taking their hands off the wheel.

Vehicles model 2010 or later will carry the new system as an upgrade available as a download. Older Ford vehicles that have Sync will soon be able to make the update as well.

Studies have shown that distracted driving is a major factor in fatal traffic accidents. What is your fleet doing to reduce distracted driving?

Photo courtesy of HighTechDad and re-used under the Creative Commons license.