GM, Ford Fleet Sales Rise | FleetcardsUSA

May 18, 2011


April was a good month for Detroit, with both General Motors and Ford Motor Co. seeing increased sales of commercial vehicles to fleet customers. With the economy beginning to recover, has your fleet been reinvesting in new vehicles?

Ford’s fleet sales were up 31 percent (commercial was up 33 percent, government grew 10 percent, and daily rental increased 39 percent) during the month. Year-to-date, total sales were up 16 percent, with fleet sales up 14 percent.

Fleet sales for General Motors’ four brands were 75,868 for the month, a 31-percent increase in April, with sales to commercial customers increasing 21 percent. The automaker said this is the 13th consecutive month of commercial fleet sales gains. Fleet accounted for 33 percent of GM total sales during the month.

When it comes to specific models, GM did not specify fleet vs. retail sales, but the company said sales of its fuel-efficient vehicles are rising.


[via Automotive Fleet]


Photo courtesy of Andrea_44 and re-used under the Creative Commons license.