Goodyear’s New Self-Inflating Tires

Aug 19, 2011


We talked a while ago about automakers dropping spare tires from new vehicles to save on weight (and money). Now tire makers are beginning to catch up with the demand for tires that don’t need replacement in the event of a puncture or other accident.

Goodyear has spent some time working on a new concept that could change the way you change your tires– they are calling it Air Maintenance Technology.

The new technology uses a miniature pump contained within the tire to maintain pressure under most conditions.  The system would be able to overcome all but a major leak or blow-out.

“This will become the kind of technological breakthrough that people will wonder how they ever lived without,” said Jean-Claude Kihn, Goodyear’s Chief Technology Officer.  “A tire that can maintain its own inflation is something drivers have wanted for many years. Goodyear has taken on this challenge and the progress we have made is very encouraging.”

While this progress is encouraging, you’ll notice that it does not guard against some extreme situations that are experienced on a regular basis by commercial

Photo courtesy of Alisha Vargas and re-used under the Creative Commons license.