GPS Tracking Works for Small Business Fleet

Sep 19, 2011


We’ve said for a long time that telematics, including GPS tracking, are an important part of efficient fleet fuel management. Business Fleet found one small business that found great success with GPS technology. It just goes to show that any fleet can benefit from good fuel management, from large delivery businesses to… portable toilet services:

Texas-based Mobile Thrones operates six vehicles with a seventh on the way, and began using a commercial GPS product in 2007 that the company has used to manage routes, compare fuel locations, track vehicle mileage and speed, and more.

“We’re maximizing our time,” says Mobile Thrones CEO Gary Oliver. “We’re not just zigzagging around.”
Mobile Thrones spends an average of $10,000 a month on diesel for its fleet.

When Oliver instituted the GPS devices, he had only one employee. “He wasn’t too crazy about it because he thought I was going to use it as a policing device — and I certainly can do that and I do use it as that,” Oliver said.
But the CEO added that employees are forced to be honest if they make a personal trip on the job. “It will mark their trails pretty well,” he says.

“There’s no telling how much it’s saved me.”

While commercial GPS systems are a big help, remember that a complete fuel management system offers telematics as well as purchasing controls and maintenance scheduling, among a variety of other services. By working with a fuel management professional like FleetCards USA, you can save even more!

Photo courtesy of Mike Haller and re-used under the Creative Commons license.