Misuse #1: I Told You Not To Fuel There!

Jun 06, 2011


Welcome to our small series: 5 Signs That You Are Possibly Misusing Your Business’ Fueling Dollars.

Today's topic: I Told You Not To Fuel There!

You trust your drivers. You know they are purchasing fuel only for business vehicles and they are back out on the street as soon as they are done filling up. But what happens when something just doesn’t add up?

Your first sign that you are possibly misusing your business’ fuel dollars: finding out when purchases are made at unauthorized locations.

#1 Purchase made outside of normal fuel locations or outside of assigned route.

How you can identify this: Any purchases made with our product will generate real time authorizations and declines that list the station address.

With the proper fleet card, purchase information may be available as soon as the employee makes the purchase. Depending on the card, you can review transaction information via your online account management system within 24 to 72 hours for pay at the pump transactions.

So what do you do? If you don’t have a fleet fuel card, you should think about getting one. You can customize your cards to be used at specific locations and even limit what can be purchased with the cards.