Misuse #2: I Am Begging You, Please Enter Your Odometer Reading Correctly!

Jun 07, 2011


You think it’s simple. Your driver swipes your fleet card at the pump, he selects the grade of fuel and he enters the odometer. He should be set to fuel. And in most cases he is.

Your 2nd sign that you are possibly misusing your business’ fuel dollars: improperly tracking and monitoring business fuel transactions.

#2 Odometer information entered incorrectly.
How wyou can identify this: Depending on the product, fleet cards can help you track odometer entries and compare to previous transactions.  Based on the data collected, if the odometer does not fit the established mileage averages, there may be a problem.
So what do you do? Talk to the drivers. While entering vehicles odometer readings may take extra time, it will safe the company money in the long run.