Misuse #3: Purchasing Gas More Than Once A Day?

Jun 08, 2011


It’s Not Personal. It’s Just Business. For purchasing business fuel that is.

The 3rd sign that you are possibly misusing your business’ fuel dollars: drivers filling up a few times a day.

#3 Multiple purchases made in one day.

How you can identify these: Any purchases made with a fleet card set up with the proper customization can generate real-time purchasing authorizations and declines. A fleet manager can use this data to monitor and limit the number of transactions allowed by card and/or by driver per day. Any attempts above the limits can be set to “DECLINE” or “ALLOW & REPORT” to help prevent the misuse of company resources.

So what do you do? Review the settings on your fleet cards. Fleet cards can provide a number of settings, allowing fleet managers to customize the cards for best use. Once you know your fleet cards are set appropriately, you can manage your fuel spend more efficiently.


Photo courtesy of WriteOnNewJersey.com and re-used under the Creative Commons license.