Misuse #4: Need To Know When My Vehicles Are Caput!

Jun 09, 2011


You’re vehicles are always on the road. And while your employees are driving them everyday, they might not think to tell you about the thump, clank or grinding sound that started the other.

The 4th sign that you are possibly misusing your business’ fuel dollars: overlooking regular vehicle maintenance

Misuse #4 Poor Miles per Gallon.

How we help identify these: With the correct reporting in place and when accurate odometer information is entered at the point of purchasing fuel, fleet cards can track vehicle performance by Miles Per Gallon (MPG)  and Cost Per Gallon (CPG).  If there is a spike or a drop in these numbers, it is a key indicator that the vehicle may be in disrepair or possible misuse has occurred.

So what do you do? Check your fleet card reports. By logging into your online account management tool, you can see the miles driven on every vehicle and work with your team to put a maintenance plan in place. It is expensive to change oil in all of your vehicles, but it’s much more expensive to have a vehicle break down on the side of the road.

Photo courtesy of auto-facts.org and re-used under the Creative Commons license.