Misuse #5: The Truth - Look For Non-Fuel Purchases

Jun 10, 2011


We trust our employees. We really do. But things happen. Maybe your driver wants a soft drink. Or maybe he’s looking for a little snack.

For our last post, the 5th sign that you are possibly missing your business’ fuel dollars: paying for more than just business fuel.

Misuse #5: Non Fuel Items showing up on receipts..

How we help identify these: A fleet card can provide specific purchasing details, including the fuel grade, fuel grade cost, total gallons, and total dollars spent. Any other items purchased will show as NON-FUEL items with the total dollars spent.

So what do you do? If you allow your drivers to by items while out, great. However, if you would like to limit your fuel dollars to fuel purchases only, make sure you have set up your fleet cards to only be used for fuel. You can even restrict purchasing fuel to paying at the pump.

This concludes our series 5 Signs That You Are Possibly Misusing Your Business’ Fueling Dollars. If you missed any of the signs, click below for the article.

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