Staples Boosts Fleet with Electric Trucks

Nov 04, 2010


Staples will advance its commercial delivery fleet by introducing 41 new all electric, class six trucks in California, Missouri, and Ohio this November. Thirty will operate in California, 10 in Ohio, and one in Missouri.

The new all-electric delivery trucks are part of an ongoing fuel efficiency initiative to achieve a 40-percent improvement in fleet fuel economy by 2015. Having achieved a 30-percent improvement in fuel efficiency to-date, Staples is now working toward completing its goal.

The Newton all-electric trucks, manufactured by Smith Electric Vehicles, will join Staples' existing delivery fleet of nearly 2,000 vehicles in North America. The trucks operate at a top speed of 55 mph and offer ranges from 50 to 120 miles on a single charge.

"The addition of these all-electric delivery trucks is the latest example of our commitment to continually improve our delivery fleet and its impact on the environment," said Mike Payette, manager of fleet equipment at Staples. "Over time, we'll look to increase the number of these trucks in the Staples fleet as an effective way to service our delivery customers while reducing our carbon emissions.

[via Fleet Financials]

Photo courtesy of Graham Richardson and re-used under the Creative Commons license.