The 10 Most Theft-Safe Cars

Aug 31, 2011

We’ve talked about the cars that have been shown as high-priority targets for car theft (the Cadillac Escalade topped the list, unsurprisingly), but what vehicles are thieves staying away from? That’s what the Highway Loss Data Institute set out to find with its annual report.

While the assumption is that these would be mainly undesirable or “uncool” vehicles, it is generally not the case. Many of the vehicles that are repelling thieves are contemporary and in fairly wide use, and are gaining notoriety with car thieves due in part to their aggressive anti-theft systems.


Here are the ten least-stolen cars found by the study:

• Audi A6 all-wheel-drive, large luxury car

• Mercury Mariner (2009-10) small SUV

• Chevrolet Equinox (2010) midsize SUV

• Volkswagen CC (2009-10), midsize car

• Chevrolet Equinox four-wheel-drive (2010) midsize SUV

• Lexus RX 350 (2010) midsize luxury SUV

• Saturn Vue midsize SUV

• Chevrolet Aveo (2009-10) mini station wagon

• BMW 5 Series all-wheel-drive large luxury car

• Mini Cooper Clubman two-door car

With anti-theft technology always improving, criminals are finding it harder and harder to get away with stealing vehicles. Make sure your fleet is protected at all times, whether they are on your lot or on the job.

Photo courtesy of Jesse Bikman and re-used under the Creative Commons license.