Take Control of Your Budget with Fleet Management Tools

Managing a fleet can feel like managing an endless to-do list.

You need solutions that, on one hand, can help you manage fuel costs and ensure that the fleet abides by Department of Transportation regulations. At the same, you have to prioritize your company’s business goals while keeping an eye on the budget.

So, what’s the solution?

Fuel cards are a cost effective, versatile fleet management tool.

Fuel cards, sometimes called diesel cards or gasoline cards, can help your fleet control fuel costs while providing robust reporting and tracking to help your company's fleet run more efficiently, which can help support regulatory compliance.

Let’s review some of the ways that fuel cards can enable your company’s fleet to run more efficiently, in compliance with regulators, while helping you generate value across your organization.

How fuel cards work.
Fuel cards, sometimes called diesel cards or gasoline cards, can help your fleet control fuel costs while providing robust reporting and tracking. This data can help your company's fleet run more efficiently, and provide documentation to support your company's regulatory compliance.

Save up to 15% on fuel expenses and more.1
Once your fuel cards are active, your fleet will be able to take advantage of greater access to savings and rebates on fuel and maintenance. The cards also offer real-time security features, fraud protection, and cost-saving measures that keep you in control.

Robust Tools for Managing Fleet Costs

Fuel cards allow you to choose when, where, what, and how much fuel your fleet drivers can buy. Fuel cards enable you to:

  • Control driver profiles and turn cards on/off
  • Get simplified fuel reports with product-level data
  • Limit purchases to fuel only
  • Set limits on daily or weekly fuel purchases

Document your fuel spend (and more) in real-time
Manage Department of Transit reporting requirements and fight fraud with real-time monitoring and reports. Instead of reviewing receipts to track reimbursements or comply with FMCSA regulations, you’ll get user-friendly reports on each driver or vehicle profile. Other features let you:

  • Track fuel and maintenance expenses by individual driver or truck
  • Receive real-time alerts about questionable purchases
  • Limit the number of purchases a driver can make in a day or week
  • Receive fraud loss coverage up to 25k a year* (coverage varies)

Help drive compliance with fleet regulations
Many fuel cards offer features that can simplify compliance with Department of Transportation regulations. Using a fuel card, your fleet can:

  • Track vehicle maintenance for more transparent DOT inspections*
  • Enjoy improved access to preferred maintenance providers*
  • Simplify fuel tax reporting as required by IFTA
  • Enjoy easier access to preventive maintenance to help boost CSA scores*
  • Track gas and diesel expenses by individual driver or vehicle
  • Use maintenance tracking to anticipate repairs and identify underperforming vehicles*
  • Streamline reimbursements on fuel purchases

Reduce regulatory risk, boost efficiency, and help grow your business.
Fuel cards save time and money across an entire company. In addition to saving on fuel and maintenance, fleet cards enable you to:

  • Outsource fraud protection and devote more time to core job functions
  • Spend less time searching for cheaper fuel
  • Streamline reimbursements on fuel purchases
  • Enjoy improved access to preferred maintenance providers
  • Identify underperforming vehicles with ease

Better fleet management starts with fuel cards.
Whether it’s controlling fuel costs or managing compliance with fleet regulations, fuel cards allow you to focus on what’s important: growing your business.

*Varies by card-selected cards and packages only. See Feature Package Benefits and Rules for complete details at

  1. Brown, Chris. “Fuel Cards Can Save You Money.” Business Fleet, 1 Nov. 2007, Accessed 15 Jan 2022.

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