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Fuelman Advantage Fleet Card

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Card Details & Benefits

  • Save up to 5cpg based on volume at Fuelman Discount Network sites*
  • Acceptance at 50,000+ stations nationwide on the Fuelman Network**
  • Better route planning with the Fuelman Mobile Site Locator
  • Custom fuel controls to help prevent misuse.
  • Receive and easily download one report with your driver activity and transactions
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About the Fuelman Advantage Fleet Card

The Fuelman Advantage Fleet Card is the choice for businesses with larger fleets that want controls and volume-tiered savings. Fleet managers can save up to 5cpg based on volume at Fuelman Discount Network sites* and save money with customizable card limits that help prevent unauthorized purchases. Enjoy acceptance at 50,000+ stations nationwide on the Fuelman network.**

More Control Less Fraud

Set purchase controls and be informed of driver transactions to prevent unauthorized spending. Drive your fleet knowing expenses are more controlled and less incidental with custom fuel limits. Be aware of your drivers’ spending habits and activity with real-time text and email alerts on unusual transactions.

Simple Online Access

The world is moving digital, so why shouldn’t your fleet? Besides fueling and maintenance, fleet managers can enroll in automated tax reporting for off-road diesel and IFTA filing purposes, while identifying convenient service locations all online.

Save More and Control Expenses

Start saving money for your fleet business today by choosing the right one. Fleet managers can save on their total fleet management costs when selecting a fuel management solution. Just answer a few questions about your fleet and one of our experts will recommend the right fleet card program tailored to fit your business needs.

*Monthly Volume Tiers at Fuelman Discount Network sites: 0-300 = 1cpg; 301-600 = 2cpg; 601-1200 = 3cpg; 1,201-3,000 = 4cpg; 3,001-14,000 = 5cpg; Rebate is not available on purchases at Chevron/Texaco, ARCO, Pilot, Wawa, Walmart/Sam’s Club, Loves, QuikTrip, Kum and Go, OnCue and Buc-ee’s. Transactions at ARCO are subject to pricing surcharge. Rebates are subject to forfeiture if account is not in good standing. Program pricing is subject to change any time beginning 12 months after sign-up.

**Fuelman sites can be found at locator. 

Monthly Volume Tiers:

0-300 = 1¢ per gallon

301-600 = 2¢ per gallon

601-1200 = 3¢ per gallon

1,201-3,000 = 4¢ per gallon

3,001-14,000 = 5¢ per gallon

Program Terms and Conditions apply. Visit for details. Fees may apply in some cases, such as for optional services, late payments and/or credit risk. Fuelman® is a registered trademark of FLEETCOR Technologies Operating Company, LLC. © 2019 FLEETCOR, P.O. Box 1239, Covington, LA, 70434

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