Speedway SuperFleet MastercardĀ®

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Card Details & Benefits

  • Save up to 5Ā¢ per gallon when you fuel at Speedway locations
  • Accepted at 2,700 Speedway locations and over 175,000 locations that accept MastercardĀ®
  • Control expenses by setting who and how much spending activity is happening on your card
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About the Speedway SuperFleet MastercardĀ®

Your favorite station now has your favorite fleet program. The Speedway SuperFleet MastercardĀ® gives your drivers fueling access at 2,700 Speedway locations in the US. with the added convenience of fueling at over 175,000 locations nationwide that accept MastercardĀ® cards.* A fleet favorite, Speedway locations across the east coast in the US can now be an integral part of how you manage your fleet effectively.

More Control Less Fraud

Consolidating all your fuel expenses on to one card program means you can see all of your purchases in one view. Our state of the art controls allows you to set purchase controls for tighter expense management and enable prompts for improved fraud protection.

Simple Online Access

Manage your account, add cards, turn off cards, and review invoices are a few of the ways our simple online access helps you monitor your fleet program. All of our security and fraud controls are at your fingertips from our online account management portal.

Save More and Control Expenses

Start saving money for your fleet business today by choosing the right one. Fleet managers can save anywhere from 10-15% when selecting a fuel management solution. Just answer a few questions about your fleet and one of our experts will recommend the right fleet card program tailored to fit your business needs.

ā€  A Fleet Financials survey shows that, on average, fleets that change from no fuel management program to a managed fuel program realize savings of up to 15% on their overall fuel management costs.* Fees may apply.
Speedway SuperFleet Mastercard | Fleet Cards for Fuel

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