Fleet Fuel Management Testimonials

"Prior to joining FleetCards USA, we used a few of your competitors until now! FleetCards USA has an arsenal of fleet product offerings. With FleetCards USA and editing the permission levels on the website prior to the trip, ANY of our cards can be adapted to fit the needs of our trip."   Kevin Jordan, Sr. VP Director of Operations


"For 25 years prior to FleetCards USA, we had several cards for our everyday needs. No one card seemed to do everything. After learning more about our business and operation, FleetCards USA was able to recommend a program that accomplished all our needs.  Richard M. White, President


"THANK YOU SO MUCH for all your help. I have the cards and we are using them already my drivers think I am a god they love me."   Ronnie Denig, Operations Manager


"FleetCards USA has many programs in their product offering, but they were very qualified in uncovering which product was best for our company’s specific needs and helped us lower our overall fueling expense."   Sandra Wilson,


"Prior to FleetCards USA, we were using several different fleet cards for our fueling needs. FleetCards USA offers many fleet fueling programs . . . [and] was successful in presenting us with a program that accomplished the convenience, security, and controls we were looking for in a fuel management program."    Janet Davis, Secretary/Treasurer


"We have been on this program for almost two years now and would highly recommend FleetCards USA to every company looking for the absolute best in fleet fuel management."  Norm Lubus, Operations Manager


"The website is easy to understand and use. I recommend FleetCards USA for anyone looking to consolidate and manage their fuel purchases."  Rilo Stevens,


"Our business needed a way to keep up with our gas charges. I would recommend FleetCards USA to any company who needs to have a better way to control and manage gas and oil expenses."  Janice Swank, Executive Administrative Assistant