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These fuel cards offer you the convenience of being able to purchase gas anywhere Mastercard® is accepted. Universal fleet cards give you all the controls you need to save time and money managing your fuel costs without the restriction of limiting your drivers to one brand or network of stations. Compare our picks of the top universal fuel cards and once you’ve found the one that fits your needs, you can fill out a secure online application without ever leaving our site. 

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Enjoy Freedom and Flexibility With Universal Fleet Cards

Universal fuel cards offer flexibility, control, and convenience for all of your business purchasing needs. Universal fuel card programs are used by many fleets. They provide flexibility in fueling stations, easy and cost effective savings, industry leading fraud protection, and simple and easy fuel card management. With this flexibility, your drivers can fill up their tanks and get back to work quickly. Make the choice today to see how a universal fuel card can help your business continue to grow. 

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