How Could a Fuel Card Save You Money?

By FleetCardsUSA

June 2, 2023

Everyone wants to save money. For truckers and trucking companies, fuel costs are near the top of the list. That’s a no-brainer when you spend most of your time driving or paying people to drive. 

Fleet fuel cards save businesses money on gas by offering per-gallon discounts and significant time savings on the administrative side of managing fuel costs. Read on for more details about exactly how they work.

Savings on vehicle maintenance 

Many fuel cards include discounts on the most popular maintenance costs. It might even replace your current roadside assistance solution. How’s that for fleet management that benefits everyone? 

Fuel card management tools 

Besides being more discreet than cash, fuel cards help with things like expense and IFTA (International Fuel Tax Agreement) reporting. Fuel card companies’ account management capabilities provide quick and efficient ways to turn off lost or stolen cards, often through a mobile app where the driver and administrator can see fuel purchase information in real-time. 

Does a fuel card help your credit? 

Fuel cards can defer expenses and help with cash flow issues like credit cards do. They can also help your credit score when you keep the balance within the set limits and pay your bills on time. 

How do fuel cards help you save money? 

Fuel cards are like credit cards, such as a Visa or Mastercard, that are specifically used for maintenance and fuel expenses. Where fuel cards differ is that they provide deeper fuel discounts on fuel prices and real-time reporting about the relevant costs. 

When drivers fill up at a gas station or truck stop, they save money and the business has a streamlined way to manage fuel costs. 

How to choose the best fuel card for your business 

Fuel cards may also have a monthly fee, annual fee, or fees per transaction to offset the fuel card provider’s expenses or to offer a larger benefit, like a universal card that can be used anywhere. Choose the best fuel card that works for you with the right combination of benefits and costs that fit your business to get the most savings on your fuel spend.

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