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Find the perfect fuel card for small businesses and corporations alike with FleetCardsUSA. Easily compare different cards to find the best fleet card for your company. Whether you are a small construction team, a truck driver, or a Fortune 500 company, we can help find a fuel card for that is right for you and your business.

What is a Fleet Card?

A fleet fuel card allows your company fleet to purchase fuel as well as maintenance for your fleet within a large encompassing network of authorized merchants, diesel fuel, and gas stations.


It provides details of each transaction for a more comprehensive and specialized accounting. Using online fleet management systems, fleet managers are empowered to control their company's fuel and maintenance expenses in real time, while saving time and money.


It saves the hassle and logistics of driver-submitted expense reports and personal expense reimbursements. This gives fleet managers discretion to control what types of expenses are allowed, and provides added security measurements and fraud prevention.


With a fuel card account for your business, each individual driver and other operators are issued individual cards. Rather than employee drivers charging their own fuel and submitting expenses for reimbursements, they are able to charge company-related driving purchases to their fuel fleet cards and have the company billed directly.


Fleet fuel card carriers are able to choose from network gas fueling stations and repair and maintenance facilities. The top fleet card networks have free mobile apps to locate all of the in-network gas stations and repair facilities while the driver is on the road. 


The network of merchants should be viewable to the business owner prior to opening a fleet card account. You will typically find fleet cards with over 20,000 to 50,000 in-network fuel stations and an equally impressive number of maintenance locations.


Fleet card accounts may only be opened by authorized business owners and/or officers.


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