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Whether your company is just learning about fleet gas cards or has used them for years, FleetCardsUSA is your trusted advisor for savings on fuel and maintenance expenses.  No matter your size or industry, our team of experts are here to help you find the right fuel card program for your fleet business.

Everyone wants to save money at the gas pump and beyond. Drive savings with competitive prices and products that serve fleet managers of large and small organizations. Each product has been carefully vetted by experts in fuel and gas to offer the best in fleet maintenance savings programs that go beyond the gas station. Take advantage of a custom fuel card solution and reduce fuel expenses with a more efficient fleet operation. 

Get a bird’s eye view of your fleet car operation with a comprehensive fleet management system offered through FleetCardsUSA.  Save both time and money with real-time reporting, updates, and alerts to keep fleet managers informed of driver purchases and possible fraud. 

All-in-one Solution
Hit the road with the peace of mind in knowing you can rely on a custom fleet management solution to service nearly all of your business needs. Minimize the time you spend on administrative tasks and micro-management with access to monthly summary reports, weekly or bi-weekly vehicle management reporting, and immediate email alerts to report unauthorized spending activity.