Fuelman Public Sector Fleet Card

Card Details & Benefits

  • Save up to 5¢ per gallon based on volume at Fuelman® Discount Network sites*
  • Help prevent fraud & misuse by customizing fuel controls
  • Manage driver profiles and turn cards on/off
  • Real-time alerts for potentially fraudulent transactions
  • Track fuel expenses by driver and vehicle – no more cash or lost receipts.
  • Simplified reports for easy vehicle expense accounting and tax reporting
  • Product-level data lets you see what drivers purchase by fuel type
  • OPIS-based wholesale pricing may be available

About the Fuelman® Public Sector Fleet Card

The Fuelman® Public Sector Fleet Card was designed with government and non-profit entities in mind. If you are looking for easy tax reporting while benefiting from rebates offered throughout the Fuelman® Network, this card is for your organization. Save up to 5¢ per gallon based on volume at Fuelman® Discount Network sites** 

More Control; Less Fraud

Help prevent fraud & misuse with customizable fuel controls, driver profiles, and real-time alerts.

Simple Online Access

Save time and gain peace of mind with online account management and consolidated billing. View statements and transactions with one click. Receive one report that details transaction by driver, vehicle, and department. Download into convenient Microsoft® Excel format. Fuelman® representatives are ready to assist with account setup so you can start saving immediately. 

Expense Tracking and Savings

Start saving money for your fleet business today by choosing the right one. All-in-one fuel expense tracking - no need to manage cash, checks, or paper receipts.  Simplified reports that make vehicle accounting and tax reporting easy. See your expenses by driver and by vehicle to help you make smart business decisions.


Monthly Gallon Volume Tiers:

0-300 = 1¢ per gallon

301-600 = 2¢ per gallon

601-1200 = 3¢ per gallon

1,201-3,000 = 4¢ per gallon

3,001-14,000 = 5¢ per gallon

Monthly Gallon Volume Tiers:

* Rebate is not available on purchases at Chevron/Texaco, ARCO, Pilot, Wawa, Walmart/Sam’s Club, Love’s, QuikTrip, Kum and Go, OnCue and Buc-ee’s. Transactions at ARCO are subject to pricing surcharge. Rebates are subject to forfeiture if account is not in good standing. Rebate offer valid for first 12 months.


Program Terms and Conditions apply. Visit https://www.fleetcor.com/terms/NAF-FM for details. Fees may apply in some cases, such as for optional services, late payments and/or credit risk. Fuelman® is a registered trademark of FLEETCOR Technologies Operating Company, LLC. © 2020 FLEETCOR, P.O. Box 1239, Covington, LA, 70434

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