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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a fleet card?
A fleet card, commonly referred to as a fuel card or a business gas card, allows drivers to purchase fuel for their company vehicles. With a fleet card, you won’t have to worry about cash transactions or employee reimbursements, and you can save money by limiting when, where and how often your drivers purchase fuel. FleetCardsUSA offers different cards for specific fuel brands, so you can choose your fueling network or go for a card with universal acceptance. Each card offers varying payment options and terms.
How will my company benefit by using a fleet card?
Fleet cards help your company save money at the gas pump. By giving your fleet manager control over how your drivers purchase fuel, business gas cards help you minimize fraud, which can save your company thousands of dollars a year. Each card on FleetCardsUSA offers an array of restrictions, with varying controls and reporting capabilities. Depending on your company’s needs, FleetCardsUSA can recommend the right fleet card for the right business through our FleetMatch function.
Who is FleetCardsUSA?
FleetCardsUSA is owned by FLEETCOR, a leading global business payments company, and offers a large selection of gas cards appropriate for every type of business. As an expert in the industry, FleetCardsUSA works as a trusted advisor to customers in all sectors, from retail to transportation to government organizations, including small independent businesses and large public corporations.
What fleet card programs do you offer?
FleetCardsUSA offers private label fleet card programs such as BP, ARCO and Speedway as well as fueling network programs such as Fuelman. We also offer universally accepted cards like the Universal Premium FleetCard Mastercard.
Will the cards be linked to a driver or a vehicle?
FleetCardsUSA offers driver and vehicle cards, depending on the needs of your business. Many cards require a Driver’s Identification Number to be entered at the gas pump so you know who’s filling up and where.
What type of products can I purchase with my card?
Depending upon the fleet card program, drivers can purchase fuel and maintenance. FleetCardsUSA also offers cards with spending controls that limit purchasing capability. For example, certain cards can only be used to purchase fuel, while others can pay for maintenance or convenience store purchases.
How long will it take to complete an application?
The application will take roughly five minutes to complete.
Will I be notified if I am approved?
Yes, approved applicants will be contacted by a sales representative to set up their accounts and help order all fleet cards needed for their business.
How long does it take to process my application and activate my account?
Typically, it takes two weeks to process an application if your account is approved.
How long will it take to receive my cards?
Once you have set up your fleet card account, it will take approximately 7 to 10 business days to receive your fleet cards.