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Enjoy Convenience with Fuelman Fuel Cards

Fuelman Fuel Cards are all accepted across the entire Fuelman Network of 50,000 nationwide fueling stations and 20,000 maintenance sites. Wherever you pump your fuel or gasoline, your purchases are conveniently collected into one easy report and sorted by vehicle and driver.

In a survey, most Fuelman customers reported an average savings of between 10 and 15 percent.

The Fuelman program goes beyond saving your business money on fuel purchases; you can schedule and pay for maintenance, including oil changes, tire rotations, maintaining vehicles, and saving more in the future from costly repairs.

You can start your savings in a few minutes!

How can a fuel card help you reduce your overall fuel expenses?

Choosing the right fleet card or even deciding to go with a fleet card in the first place might seem difficult but it does not need to be.

As a fleet operator or a business owner, you have daily responsibilities and a great deal on your mind.

Between meeting your monthly budget, setting your long-term business goals and getting some daily work done, the concept of a fuel card may not even be on your radar. 

But a fleet card can make all the difference – especially when it comes to minimizing your fuel and maintenance costs.

There are several ways fleet cards can save your company money, even with rising fuel costs.

For starters, your drivers do not need to be sent out on the road with large sums of money that could potentially lose or have stolen.

If a fleet fuel card is stolen or lost, the card can be immediately disabled preventing anyone else from using it. The card can be replaced quickly, and business can continue without interruption.

Options from several fleet cards that are customized to provide rewards for volume purchases, whether they are small or large fleets, using diesel or gas fuel. In addition, Fuelman Cards can provide total savings up to 15% beyond fuel purchases  by reducing excess unwanted spending.

Control Spending

Before fleet cards, businesses had to manually track their budgets to the very last penny. 

Drivers would receive large sums of cash money to fuel their vehicles whenever they claimed to need it.  It’s risky to hand someone a large sum of petty cash for fuel purchases. 

Receipts are needed, but when drivers are on the road for a while, receipts can get misplaced.

Drivers may combine fuel purchases with convenience store purchases on the same receipt.  

Though certainly not the most cost-efficient way of doing business, this was the most common. 

There was a lot of paperwork, but little control.

FleetCards from Fuelman  provide specialized  purchasing controls customized for your business, giving you the power to choose where, how much, and what is permissible for purchasing.

Detailed real-time reports allows you to manage all of your company’s gasoline and diesel expenses, maintenance expenses, and separating driver’s personal expenses.

In addition, fleet managers can authorize spending limits on the card.

They can either limit how much fuel is being purchased or they can make the card valid only on certain days of the week.

If business is not conducted on weekends, the card won’t work during the weekends. 

This prevents unsanctioned usage of the card and will help drivers to plan fuel consumption more efficiently.

Better fuel efficiency can also be achieved by planning shorter routes or roads with less frequent stops that are more fuel-efficient.

These are just a few examples of the many ways that fleet cards can control spending while providing greater security.

Finally! Imagine no more stacks of receipts, submission of mileage reports, or daily reimbursement checks. 

With a fleet card, tracking your company’s fuel spending summaries online in real time and blocking unauthorized purchases could not be easier.

A fleet card puts the full power in your hands, and a fleet card selector tool can put the right fleet card in your company’s wallet.

Eliminate Unauthorized Purchases and Reduce Fraud

Eliminate Unauthorized Purchases Fleet gas cards authorize, control and track fuel purchases by tracking purchases on the driver level. You can also save money by reducing fraudulent fuel charges.

Some small business gas cards can be used for purchases unrelated to fuel, vehicle upkeep, and maintenance.

Other small business gas cards limit purchases to gas stations and convenience stores only.

In contrast, fleet cards, all of which allow and limit the purchases of fuel, repairs, and maintenance.

Fleet cards have security features built in designed to protect against fraudulent activity. 

For example, certain fleet cards can only be used at certain gas stations designated by the business owner. 

Some fleet cards require the driver to enter the mileage of the vehicle during fueling on the pump’s keypad or present the fuelcard to the station attendant. 

This way, if a receipt is lost, there is a record of the purchase on the card as well as the mileage of the vehicle.

These controls along with the access fleet managers have to a system that allows them to pull reports as soon as a transaction is finished.

It will discourage employees to spend on their personal use since anything that looks suspicious about the mileage can be investigated in real time.

Time Saved with a FleetFuel Card

With a fleet fuel card, there is no more need for any kind of expense reimbursements.

The bill is paid each cycle by the business.

No more time and labor is needed to be  spent on itemizing expense receipts and processing for approval.

Some Fuel cards come with a mobile app, so time is no longer spent driving searching for a fuel station or maintenance facility.

The app provides drivers with GPS directions for finding their next fuel stop or repair.

It can even give fuel prices of nearby gas stations, giving more savings to the company money by comparison shopping.

Fleet Card Reporting and Analytics

One of the biggest benefits of a corporate fleet card account are the reporting and analytics available.

Business owners, fleet managers, and executives have access to in-depth analytics and reporting that shows real time fleet fuel card transactions.

Fleet card analytics is enabled by fleet telematics.

Telematics is simply the transmission of information over a long long-distance. With telematics Fleet card providers are able to offer this real-time reporting for monitoring your fleet, no matter where you are.

Telematics helps to provide effectiveness, efficiency,and safety of your fleet vehicles.

Fleet Managers and Business owners are able to use an online portal to look at overall usage across their entire fleet as well as see specific card usage, down to each individual employee.

With this data businesses are able to have a more full and thorough understanding of their fleet spending.  

In addition, some fleet cards require drivers to enter in their odometer readings at the gas pump keypad which help tracks mileage, miles per gallon broken down by each individual vehicle, and average cost per mile.

Additionally some top fleet fuel card programs allow business owners to require their drivers to not only enter in the odometer reading but also a specific driver ID prior to ever being able to pump fuel. Helping not only with much more detailed reporting and analytics but also helping reduce fraud.

Embrace Convenience

Fuelman products are accepted at fueling and maintenance locations nationwide. Whether you fuel locally, regionally, or nationally, Fuelman have a product with a fuel station network that will be convenient for your drivers.

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