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What is a Fleet Card?

What is a Fleet Card?

Fleet fuel cards allow your business to purchase fuel and vehicle maintenance within a network of authorized gas stations and other merchants. Your fleet manager can also see details of each transaction, which saves your company time and money. Do you want your drivers to be able to purchase fuel only, not convenience store items? That’s manageable with a fleet card. We offer you savings at the pump, which directly affects your bottom line.

Unlike other payment methods, fleet cards are easy to use, let you control where your drivers spend money, and keep you aware of what’s happening with your fleet.  Fleet cards offer the following benefits:

Track Expenses and Reporting

Track, manage, and control fuel expenses across multiple vehicles and drivers.

Savvy businesses know the value of time. Time spent on paperwork and administration is time away from serving your customers. Cut down on the administrative hassle of micro-managing vehicle fuel and maintenance costs.

Control Spending

Fleet cards provide customizable purchasing controls so you choose when, where, what, and how much your drivers can buy.

A fuel management program can provide tools, such as getting fraud alerts and managing the account securely in real time, to help you fight misuse and save at the pump. 

Enjoy Convenience

FleetCardsUSA products are accepted at gas stations and maintenance locations nationwide. Whether you fuel locally, regionally, or nationally, we have a product with a fuel station network that will be convenient for your drivers.

Start Saving in Under Five Minutes

"Get started with the right fleet card solution for your business today! Answer 3 brief questions for a fuel card recommendation or view and compare all our cards so you can choose the card that's right for your business.”