How Could a Fuel Card Save You Money?

By FleetCardsUSA

June 2, 2023

Your fleet is the lifeblood of your trucking business. Ensuring your vehicles stay on the road as much as possible without downtime is essential to profitability. Implementing fleet management and truck maintenance programs can help you improve uptime while ensuring you deliver for your customers.

Acquire fleet vehicles

Another essential part of a fleet manager’s job is to make vehicle acquisition and disposal decisions. Fleet managers have to weigh the pros and cons of purchasing semitrucks with financing or outright versus leasing them from a provider. There are many variables, so fleet managers evaluate the pros and cons of their specific fleets to make informed decisions.

Oversee fleet vehicle maintenance

The best fleet vehicles are consistently maintained. Fleet managers must create a plan for regular preventive maintenance for each fleet vehicle and then implement it effectively.

Planned maintenance can catch issues before they turn into big problems for your fleet’s bottom line. Heavy-duty trucks often require more maintenance and are less efficient than smaller fleet trucks.

Manage risk

Protecting assets is a crucial part of a fleet manager’s job. In addition, on-the-job safety for both truckers and trucks is paramount. Therefore, a fleet manager must oversee driver safety training—from curbing bad driver behavior to teaching drivers how to perform pretrip inspections.

Establish cost-saving measures

Cost savings affect every area of a fleet’s business. As a result, fleet managers review all aspects of the operation to maximize cost savings and employ a variety of cost-saving measures. For example, they might lower acquisition costs by switching to a different vehicle manufacturer or a more-efficient vehicle type.

They can improve fuel efficiency by addressing driver behaviors or changing trucks. Fleet managers may prevent downtime by reviewing the fleet’s preventive maintenance plan. They optimize truck routings by using fleet data from real-time GPS tracking and telematics. Or, they may find a fleet card program that offers incentives and discounts at the pump.

What are the challenges of fleet management?

You must overcome a fleet of challenges to be successful. Luckily, none of these challenges is insurmountable.

Optimizing productivity

Uptime is critical to a trucking company’s bottom line. Therefore, a fleet manager must ensure that the vehicles and drivers are as productive as possible.

What does that look like? You can implement telematics, fleet management software, diagnostic programs, and other technologies to improve driver and vehicle productivity.

Preventive maintenance also ensures the safety and productivity of your fleet. Keep in mind that the DOT has hours of service (HOS) limits for drivers in a given period.

Reducing costs

A sound plan to systematically reduce costs throughout your fleet can pay dividends. By examining your vehicles, performing maintenance, improving fuel efficiency, educating drivers, optimizing delivery and pick-up routes, and participating in a fuel card program, you’ll discover cost-reduction opportunities and streamline your small business.

Navigating erratic fuel prices

As one of your most significant operational outlays, fuel can quickly destroy your bottom line. To navigate volatile fuel costs, fleet managers can take a few steps.

First, well-maintained vehicles perform better and are more fuel efficient, so preventive maintenance is an easy way to optimize your fleet’s fuel efficiency.

Second, when it’s time to buy new vehicles, opt for more fuel-efficient options. Third, cutting your fleet’s idle time and drivers’ bad driving habits can also save on fuel. Last, look to monitor your fleet fuel costs with a fuel card.

Take care of your fleet with FleetCardsUSA

While fleet maintenance is a critical component of a fleet management solution, it’s not the only factor that can affect your bottom line. Fuel expenses can also take a toll. FleetCardsUSA can help you track your entire fleet’s spending while also getting discounts on fuel. .

Reach out to us today to see which fuel card is right for your business.

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